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Access The Game Center API On IOS With Delphi XE5 Firemonkey Wrapper Components

Delphi XE5 Firemonkey Game Center API IOSOn IOS Apple provides an API called Game Center which features various useful tools for handing server side game functionality like Achievements, Leaderboards, and Matchmaking for multiplayer games. The DPF IOS component suite for Delphi XE5 Firemonkey has a wrapper for the Game Center API which allows you to access the Game Center functionality from your Delphi apps on IOS. The demo includes examples on how to get and save a score, show the game center, get and set an achievement, handle authentication, show the Match Maker, and show the Friend Request. Babak Yaghoobi is the developer of the DPF IOS suite and he provides these instructions with the demo for the Game Center API:
1. In iTunes connect ensure that you have a unique App ID
2. Create a new application and update application information. You can know more about this in apple add new apps documentation.
3. Setup a leader board in Manage Game Center of your application's page where add a single leaderboard and give leaderboard ID and score Type. Here we give leader board ID as DPFLeaderboard.
4. Setup a Achievement in Manage Game Center of your application's page where add a single Achievement and give leaderboard ID and score Type. Here we give Achievement ID as DPFAchievementID.
5. Enter the bundle identifier is the identifier specified in iTunes connect. (very important)

Delphi->Project->Options...->Version Info->CFBundleIdentifier = YOUR iTunesconnect App Bundle ID
Head over and download the full DPF IOS suite and check out the Game Center demo.


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