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Delphi 10.3.3 Firemonkey Update And Fixes Released On Android, IOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, And HTML5

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Delphi 1033 | Delphi 11 10 XE8 XE7 XE Seattle Berlin Tokyo Rio Firemonkey Delphi Android Delphi IOSRAD Studio 10.3.3 Rio (Delphi + C++Builder) has been released with some significant enhancements to the Firemonkey framework. 10.3.3 includes a new Android 64-bit compiler to satisfy new Google Play requirements for deployment. This means that the target platforms that Delphi Firemonkey currently officially supports Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, MacOS 32-bit, MacOS 64-bit, Android 32-bit, Android 64-bit, IOS 32-bit, IOS 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, and HTML5 (through web sockets). That is a pretty impressive target platform list to be able to deploy to with a single UI and single codebase using natively compiled code.

Items from the release that related to cross platform Firemonkey are:

  • Android 64-bit support for Delphi.
  • iOS 13 and macOS Catalina (Delphi) Support.
  • Camera fixes and enhancements on Android
  • Support for Android 10, including specific improvements for the splash screen
  • Improved support for editing, virtual keyboard, and IME for iOS 13
  • Push notification improvements on iOS
  • App Tethering: Improved stability, error handling, and enhanced samples
  • FireDAC Fixes and updates
  • macOS 64 Notarization and RTTI enhancements

The list of fixes applied to FireMonkey 10.3.3 are as follows:

Image list index error after debug Compiler, CompilerDelphi, FireMonkey RSP-26130
Delphi 10.3.2 iOS platform – When iOS is updated to 13.x, all applications developed by Delphi FMX will not be able to enter Chinese in the “Edit and Comment” component. Compiler, CompilerDelphi, FireMonkey RSP-26429
Android ARMv8-A (64-bit) support Compiler, CompilerDelphi, RTLDelphi RSP-13307
IFMXCameraService TakePhoto , NeedSaveToAlbum True not working FireMonkey RSP-15820
Chinese Input Method – Candidate Windows Display FireMonkey RSP-16358
on iOS, the virtual keyboard and its toolbar (with the “Done” button) initially popup in two pieces FireMonkey RSP-16720
GDI Leaks at FireMonkey RSP-19473
SubdivCount is unecessary in GetCircleSubdivCount FireMonkey RSP-19665
When Scale is 125%, the rendering of the control using TCustomPopupForm will not be updated FireMonkey RSP-20799
Fonts wrong ? FireMonkey RSP-21508
Error in context method “doSetScissorRect” FireMonkey RSP-21514
OnClick-Event ist never fired for MainMenu-Item on Top-Level FireMonkey RSP-22016
“Cannot begin rendering scene for TContextiOS FireMonkey RSP-22902
MediaPlayerControl dissapears if combobox clicked FireMonkey RSP-23343
Firemonkey application crashes on Android after focusing on TEdit with centered text FireMonkey RSP-23357
BannerAd is flickering when you try to select another app on device FireMonkey RSP-24451
ClipChildren with rotationAngle is not working under android FireMonkey RSP-24454
Scrollable form demo doesn’t work with TEdit controltype set to Platform FireMonkey RSP-24580
Android 64 bit FireMonkey RSP-24585
Closing a window with an open TComboEdit or TComboBox Causes a Invalid pointer operation FireMonkey RSP-24612
Android, TMessageReceivedNotification: TForm ist not shown FireMonkey RSP-24676
iOS TMemo set to Platform style no longer raises KeyboardWillHide event since 10.3.2 FireMonkey RSP-25523
Firemonkey Accessibility Pack for 10.3.2 not available FireMonkey RSP-25532
Starting the camera in the CameraComponent demo on macOS prevents UI interaction FireMonkey RSP-25591
TComboBox, TComboEdit, TDateEdit unselectable / unscrollable when more than one item FireMonkey RSP-25631
FMX TListView::Items Filter exception FireMonkey RSP-25946
WebBrowser Component and Virtual Keyboard on iOS FireMonkey RSP-26029
Android App with TMapView crashes FireMonkey RSP-26244
TMapview error after Delphi 10.3.2 FireMonkey RSP-26248
Error in TAndroidDateTimePicker.Hide method FireMonkey RSP-26300
iOS 13 – system font not used -> looks like “Times New Roman” now FireMonkey RSP-26388
TBitmap.Map leaves bitmap locked on failure FireMonkey RSP-26395
OpenDialog causes Invalid Argument when used on modal dialog macOS FireMonkey RSP-26517
[Android] TTakePhotoFromCameraAction saves Image on Disk unexpectedly FireMonkey, FireMonkeyActions RSP-13118
[Android] AutoFocus mode of TCameraComponent needs additional code to start focusing FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-13208
PushNotification device token returned is in a different format in iOS 13 FireMonkey, FireMonkeyRuntime RSP-26381

Check out the full list of hundreds of fixes for Delphi 10.3.3 FireMonkey on Android, IOS, OSX, Windows, Linux, and HTML5!

Have Delphi Firemonkey questions? Ask and get answers on StackOverflow.

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