Get Directions On IOS With Delphi XE5 Firemonkey Control From TMS

Native IOS Routing For FiremonkeyIf you are doing any kind of routing or directions in a business app on IOS using Firemonkey this may be the component you want to use. This component set from TMS Software called TMS iCL includes a component called TTMSFMXNativeMKMapView which wraps the native MapView control from Apple. Other mapping solutions like the DPF MapView wrapper at the time of this writing don’t have license free directions. They usually use Google which if you have a business app requires a license. The other native Firemonkey option which is TECNativeMap allows you to select which map provider you want but again it appears like all of them need a license. I don’t believe you need a license to use MapView and it is native on IOS which are both huge pluses. TTMSFMXNativeMKMapView is a commercial control but you get a bunch of other native wrapper controls along with it so it is a pretty good bargain.

Check out the MapView directions control and all of the other controls in it’s control pack.

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