Launch Activities And Catch The Result In Delphi XE6 Firemonkey On Android

Delphi XE6 Firemonkey Android Activity ResultBrian Long has a new comprehensive article up which covers launching activities and returning the result in Delphi XE6 Firemonkey on Android. Delphi XE6 has expanded functionality to get the results returned from an activity which was much more difficult to do in Delphi XE5. In addition to the activity results the article demonstrates how to show an Android Toast, show the Android battery usage screen, launch a URL, send an SMS, send an email, and launch a QR Scanner. The most important part of the article is the code demonstrating how to get results from the launched activity. Previously with the QR Scanner for example the tricky way to do it was via the Clipboard. Now with Delphi XE6 Firemonkey you can actually return and process the results of the startActivityForResult() Android API call. Here is a sample of the source code that starts the activity and then processes the results:

At the top of the article there is also a link to a similar article for Delphi XE5.

Head over and read the full article about starting an Activity on Android and processing the results with Delphi XE6.

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3 Responses to Launch Activities And Catch The Result In Delphi XE6 Firemonkey On Android

  1. Veeresh says:

    In delphi XE7 SharedActivity.startActivity(JIntent); not working in android apps. It is giving error while building the app. Can you please look into this and help us ?
    And also TextPrompt (Water Marks) are not working in TEdits in android.

    • Admin says:

      You can also just stick a TLabel inside of your TEdit and align it to Content or Client. Set it’s HitTest property to false. In the onChange event show it or hide it based on if the Text property is blank. TextPrompt had issues in previous versions too so I used this workaround instead.

      • Veeresh says:

        But it is working fine in Delphi XE6 Update 1 ?

        What about SharedActivity ? Please guide on this. Other wise shall we go back to the XE6 ?

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