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List Of Bug Fixes For Firemonkey In #Delphi 10 Seattle On Android, IOS, Windows, And OSX

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Delphi 10 Seattle Bug Fix List For Firemonkey Android IOS OSX Windows | Delphi 11 10 XE8 XE7 XE Seattle Berlin Tokyo Rio Firemonkey Delphi Android Delphi IOSThe huge list of fixes for Firemonkey in Delphi 10 Seattle is now available from Embarcadero. There is a pretty impressive list of fixes, upgrades, and enhancements in this latest version. The fixes cover the Android, IOS, OSX, and Windows platforms. Below I’ve highlighting the important fixes that jump out at me and categorized them by type, library, or platform.

  • [All] THTTPClient.Get produces wrong result in XE8.1 (was working fine in XE8) [Functionality Fix]
  • [All] Memory leak in TList<string>.InsertRange [Memory Fix]
  • [All] TList<T>.Delete or Remove methods AV at class destructor [Functionality Fix]
  • [All] TBeaconRegionItem assign method should check the type of the Source parameter before typecasting
  • [All] Memory error using System.Sysutils.TStringHelper methods [Memory Fix]
  • [All] Memory Leak LiveBinding + FireDAC [Memory Fix]
  • [All] Exception raised by THashMD5.Update [Functionality Fix]
  • [All] TDictionary Remove is broken when using custom equality comparer [Functionality Fix]
  • [All] AV in TMarshal.AllocStringAsUnicode [Functionality Fix]
  • [All] XE8 Update 1 introduces memory leaks in LiveBindings [Memory Fix]
  • [All] TClientDataSet memory leak [Memory Fix]
  • [All] AV at design-time in TFDMemTable after adding persistent fields
  • [All] JSON Unmarshal memory leak [Memory Fix]
  • [IOS64] 64Bit Debugging of iOS apps [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS] SOAP fails in iOS when using SSL (“IOHandler value is not valid.”) [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS] Parallel Library has running error at iPhone 5 [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS] Memory leaks in MacApi.ObjectiveC bridge [Memory Fix]
  • [IOS] TTextureMaterialSource does not work under ios 64bit [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS] Bug about display orientation when ProcessMessages call in OnCreate [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS] Premium Styles Do Not Apply Correctly To New Controls Added To The TForm Designer
  • [IOS] Bug in user-interface firemonkey iOs app [Visual Fix]
  • [IOS] FMX.OnGuard GetIt package fails for iOS and Simulator [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS] Location Sensor not stopping on IOS Device [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS] Gesture with and TabControl in VertScrollBox and Layout not working on iOS [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS] TListView raises “Argument out of range” on iOS sporadically [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS64]A simple project deploy to iOS9 beta device, the main form failed to show and quit immediately just after showing the splash icon (C++Builder) [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS64] TListHelper and CheckForCycles TDynArrayRec is different from System.pas [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS,OSX] HTTP-headers with multiple Set-Cookie lines are not parsed correctly for IOS and MAC Targets [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS, Android] When I click on TextButton then ItemClick event is called and TextButton event is called twice. [Functionality Fix]
  • [IOS,Android] System.Zip.TStoredStream does not support reading into a non-Delphi buffer under iOS + Android) [Functionality Fix]
  • [Android] Debugging does not work for Android [Functionality Fix]
  • [Android] XE7 lollipop hotfix should be reverted for earlier studio versions
  • [Android] On my Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0 is not possible debug application [Functionality Fix]
  • [Android] On some devices, Unable to start gdbserver on port ‘13444’ Can’t open socket: Permission denied.
  • [Android] AndroidAPI.IOUtils.GetSharedFilesDir shouldn’t return shared downloads path [Functionality Fix]
  • [Android] Androidapi.JNI.Os JBuild_VERSION_CODESClass looks outdated
  • [Android] TWebBrowser incorrectly parenting controls in Mobile (Android) environment [Functionality Fix]
  • [Android] The pixel format of the JBitmap isn’t considered in JBitmapToBitmap. [Functionality Fix]
  • [Android][Multimonitor] Unsafe code should be fixed in TPlatformAndroid.ScaleByMetrics function
  • [Android] Can’t share image to Gmail [Functionality Fix]
  • [Android] Android Sensors don’t working on XE8 (Light,Pressure+Magnetic) [Functionality Fix]
  • [OSX] OS X library does not export functions declared in other units
  • [OSX] Mac OS X – Error Creating CFString [Functionality Fix]
  • [OSX] Mac OS X – Error Creating CFString – (Setting filter on TClientDataSet) [Functionality Fix]
  • [OSX] [MacOS] TWebBrowser leaks memory [Memory Fix]
  • [OSX] [MacOS] ScreenReader can crash the application! [Functionality Fix]
  • [OSX] [MacOS]: Keyboard mapping ignored ( CMD+Z ) [Functionality Fix]
  • [OSX] Firemonkey TOpenDialog messes up graphics and is unstable under OSX [Functionality Fix]
  • [OSX] Primary system font in Mac OS X Yosemite is Helvetica Neue, not Helvetica [Visual Fix]
  • [OSX] dispatch_async_f missing from Macapi.Dispatch [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win,OSX][WIN][MacOS] TWebBrowser demo leaks memory [Memory Fix]
  • [Win64] Badly coded if then else causes 64-bit compiler fail with internal error [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win64] Bug in WIN64 Generic Mangling [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win64] Debugger hangs on Windows 8 X64 [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win64] XE7 64bit debugger enters inline code [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win32/64] FMX TWebBrowser On Windows Missing Some Permission Or Setting [Functionality Fix]
  • [Windows] Windows VCL & FMX applications fails to get Windows Logo certified [Functionality Fix]
  • [Windows] Many FOLDERID-constants for Windows 8/8.1 are missing from KnownFolders.pas [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win64] Static linking causes duplicate public symbol error [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win32] Winapi.Windows has no GetLayeredWindowAttributes function defined [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win32] TWinTaskbar does not initialize ITaskbarList4 correctly [Functionality Fix]
  • [Win32] Winapi.IpTypes IF_OPER_STATUS enum is wrong [Functionality Fix]
  • [Tethering] Leak in TIdHTTPProtocol [Memory Fix]
  • [Tethering] TTetheringManager’s OnRequestManagerPassword event not Synchronized on UI Thread [Functionality Fix]
  • [Tethering] Tethering does not handle exceptions gracefully when no more ports are available [Functionality Fix]
  • [REST] TOAuth1Authenticator Bugs [Functionality Fix]
  • [REST] Null DateTime conversion error in REST.Response.Adapter [Functionality Fix]
  • [REST] RESTDemos OAuth error [Functionality Fix]
  • [Generics] Serialising of generic lists produces large memory leaks [Memory Fix]
  • [Generics] System.Generics.Defaults.TComparer<> with a dynamic array generates incorrect results if the Right parameter is an empty array [Functionality Fix]
  • [Generics] Generics TListHelper.InternalMoveN wrong address calculation [Functionality Fix]
  • [Generics] Generic error Incompatible types ‘T’ and ‘Integer’ [Functionality Fix]
  • [Generics] Internal Error URW1175 calling generic method across units
  • [Generics] generic Const parameters are broken when working with ShortString [Functionality Fix]
  • [Generics] Possible changes in “unit cache” resulted in a bug when building packages with generic classes. [Functionality Fix]
  • [Compiler] Math caclulations don’t match between 32-bit & 64-bit compiled code [Functionality Fix]
  • [Compiler] XE8 compiler error using TValue as a function result [Functionality Fix]
  • [Compiler] Compiler generates invalid code for string Get property function call in a record [Functionality Fix]
  • [Compiler] Array of TFunc<T> does not dereference properly [Functionality Fix]
  • [PPL] Creating TTask instances inside running TTask leads to deadlock upon application close [Functionality Fix]
  • [PPL] ITask.Wait Freeze/Lockup [Functionality Fix]
  • [PPL] TTask.WaitForAny gives exception EMonitorLockException ‘Object lock not owned’ [Functionality Fix]
  • [PPL] Using TParallel.Join inside a task leads to a deadlock
  • [FMX] TNotificationCenter.ApplicationIconBadgeNumber := 5 does not display badge number [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TGrid hides first row if Options.Header=false [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] FMX TStyleStreaming.SaveToStream/LoadFromStream not working (OSX,iOS and Android) [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TCustomListBox.FreeStyle – Selections are not freed [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TForm.Position: OwnerFormCenter is ScreenCenter [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TListbox is misaligned when SearchBox is visible and Stylebook assigned [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] MultiView on TabControl [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Listbox is multiselectable while MultiselectStyle = None [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Month and Year selector f FMX TCalendar does not scale in a TScaledLayout [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TListView.CanSwipeDelete not working with platform Syle. [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TEdit with clearingButton does not work properly [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] changetabaction in action list produce access violation while changing active tab item [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] Disabling Fullscreen Mode Does Not Redraw The Form [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TCommonCustomForm.FindTarget doesn’t respect ZOrder [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] OrientationSensor Can not get headingX Y Z [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] Override not working
  • [FMX] Access violation in TListItemImage.Render FMX.ListView.Types [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] [TMultiView] Sometimes user can not slide TMultiView in drawer mode [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TMemo.OnPresentationNameChoosing event is not published [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] TPopupBox.Clear does not work [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Activated Stylesettings-properties are ignored, when in Textsettings Non-Default-Properties are used [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] StyleLookup property editor does not work for custom components [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Cut/Paste an action – action name is lost
  • [FMX] [TWebBrowser] Navigation problems due to mixup of FURL and FWeb.URL
  • [FMX] TRasterEffect causes paint problems [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TMainMenu Disappears After You Edit Full Screen Mode In FMX [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TListbox scrolling error [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] When keyboard mode is direct input, Movement of a caret of TEdit is strange. [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] TMediaPlayer & TMediaPlayerControl Error [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] TCustomOrientationSensor does not update? [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] TTreeView raises EArgumentOutOfRangeException when nodes are created run-time within BeginUpdate/EndUpdate block [Funcitonality Fix]
  • [FMX] FMX TListView: cannot create style or edit default style [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TreeView Argument out of range on TreeViewItem.EndUpdate [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] ListBoxGroupHeader text that is changed is not refreshed correctly [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] ComboBox OnClosePopUp bug XE8 but not in XE7 [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Keyboard disappears when clicking Symbol button [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TControl3D.Opaque does not work [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Delphi XE7 – iOs – Fonts [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Provide some way to automatically display the virtual keyboard when some input box is being shown [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] DatePicker height bug [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TStyleAnimation memory leaks [Memory Fix]
  • [FMX] Jet Style does not always display correctly – TMultiView with “Pushing” mode [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TMemo wordwrap does not provide correct scrolling [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Multiview-Designer and stylelookup-bug [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Firemonkey: Exception in TEdit.OnValidate [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] TPopUpBox doesn’t scale properly with TScaledLayout [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Clicking in TEdit/TComboEdit causes unexpected caret positioning when text value is long enough to go outside of the control boundaries [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Determine Text Size
  • [FMX] TForm is not correctly positioned on the first call to ShowModal [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Months and years of TDateEdit display corrupted on the TScaleLayout [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TVertScrollBox messes with components widths to poor effect [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TStyleBook in DataModule – Exception on project load [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] TDropTarget not found [Functionality Fix]
  • [FMX] FireMonkey feature request: add support for embedding “native” controls inside a FireMonkey control. [Visual Fix]
  • [FMX] Listbox does not reorder listbox items when some items are set to invisible [Functionality Fix]

Head over to the Embarcadero Developer Network to review the entire list of bug fixes in Delphi 10 Seattle.

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