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List Of Fixes Released In Update 1 For Delphi XE6 Firemonkey On Android, IOS, Windows, And OSX

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Delphi XE6 Firemonkey Update 1 Bug Fixes | Delphi 11 10 XE8 XE7 XE Seattle Berlin Tokyo Rio Firemonkey Delphi Android Delphi IOSThe first update for Delphi XE6 Firemonkey is released today and there is a long list of fixes that are related to Firemonkey and mobile. There are also some big fixes for the compiler, a few fixes relating to the IDE and mobile, BaaS fixes, and one or two app tethering fixes. Also of note is that AppMethod has been updated to bring it’s Firemonkey version into line with XE6 Update 1. The update is now available for download from Embarcadero. For the Win32 compiler there is this fix “Slow-down seen with XE6 floating point operations” which should bring XE6 back up to speed with XE5 for floating point operations. There is this fix for the mobile compilers “iOS and Android compilers have serious problems with heavy generic use“. And I also see this compiler fix “Multidimensional dynamic arrays are not finalized properly, leaking memory” so hopefully these compiler fixes will make everything more stable. On the Firemonkey front here is the list of fixes with Firemonkey (though a lot of the other fixes also indirectly fix Firemonkey as well):

Check Spelling kills performance on OSX FireMonkey
Crash when adding a button to keyboard toolbar FireMonkey
123853 Modifying TMemo.Text fires OnChange event once for each line in text FireMonkey
[Win64, OS X] Grid application with custom stylebook fails to run FireMonkey
Advertising isn’t shown completely in iPhone 4 FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
Impossible to input Japanese in TEdit/TMemo under iOS FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
MetropolisUIFlyoutDemo Sample Delphi version exception raised (Win 32 bit & Win 64 bit). FireMonkey
[iOS][TMemo] Caret is positioned one line before when pressing on a word FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
[MacOS] Password TEdit allows to copy/paste text using hot keys FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
Selected TGrid data fields are deleted FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
121297 [Android] TLocationSensor on an HTC DNA running Android 4.2.2 is not returning the GPS coordinates from the satellites. FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
TMemo raises EStringListError when setting Text on runtime inside a BeginUpdate – EndUpdate block FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
123635 Tab Key does not work in Frames FireMonkey
[iOS][JA] The input text is copied from an edit control to another,when focus is changed, without invoking copy-paste commands FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
Window can’t be maximized with styles, which have custom window border FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
124335 [MacOS] TMainMenu does not behave as it should FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
iOS advertising: “class ADBannerView could not be found” FireMonkey
[iOS] OnURL Application event does not get fired FireMonkey
[TDateEdit] AV on showing a message in TDateEdit.OnChange event FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
Endless loop changing the date using a TDateEdit component FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
[Android] TActions will not update if TSensorManager.Current.Activate(); is set. FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
115594 [iOS] applicationHandleOpenURL is missing in FMX.Platform.iOS FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime
[FMX/iOS] Keyboard hide key is not working properly on iPAD devices FireMonkey
124380 With most dark styles buttons fail to show being depressed FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Styles
After selection of form from dialog of View\Forms… menu item (Shift+F12) IDE opens editor instead of Designer FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Dialogs, IDE\FireMonkey Designer
Clearing searchbox for TListView leads to Argument out of Range Error FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
Wrong behavior using showmessage in OSX32 platform FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Dialogs
125127 [Android] Hardware keys buttons won’t work after using TWebBrowser on Android FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components
125019 [MacOS] [JA] TEdit/TMemo/etc. Cannot enter underscore etc. from keyboard FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components

Head over and check out the full list of bug fixes in the Delphi XE6 Firemonkey Update 1 release.

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