Xcode 6 IOS 7.1 Simulator Hotfix For Delphi XE6 Firemonkey PAServer

Delphi XE6 XCode 6 iOS Simulator HotfixEmbarcadero has released a hotfix for Delphi XE6 which allows you to use the IOS Simulator 7.1 with XCode 6. If you are running Delphi XE7 there is a similar hotfix for you here. The issue is what currently XE6 will not publish apps to the IOS 8.0 Simulator so until a hotfix is available that allows you to do that you will be able to use this hotfix to use the IOS 7.1 Simulator. Personally I think it is easier to just do all of your testing in Win32 and then do final deployment testing on an actual IOS device. I guess if you don’t have an IOS device this is one of the only ways to test an IPA file however. You can check out the full read me for the hotfix below:

Head over and download the Delphi XE6 XCode 6.0 Hotfix for the IOS 7.1 Simulator from Embarcadero.

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