Generate Icons And Splash Screens In One Click For Delphi 10 Berlin Apps On Android And IOS

Delphi Berlin Firemonkey Splash Screen Icon Generator Android IOSDeveloper Big Banng over on the Google+ Group posted a free utility for generating icons for your Delphi 10 Berlin apps on Android and IOS. When you write your applications for mobile or Windows, I’m sure you found yourself in a bit of trouble when it came to creating icons or splash screens. Whether you create application icons or icons for your app navigation/toolbar or just a fancy splash screen, you would want something easy, something that has as input of an image and which can output icons with various resolution to be used on the spot. Put aside your Adobe Photoshop skills, you now have this simple application, Delphi 10.1 Berlin Icons Generator, with simple interface and with just one click you are able to generate a whole set of icons for various resolutions or a splash screen. All you have to do, it to load an image and to select what you want to export: icons or splash screen. This tool has easy to use and modern interface, it will generate over 25 images from the base image, with resolutions ranging from 36×36 up to 255×255 pixels. You can generate image resources for Android and IOS as well as for Windows. The most useful feature is the Vector Graphics generator. Same as the icon generation process, you load an image file and it will generate vector graphics files ready to be used in your applications. This utility is now free and it will generate all the icons/images resources you will ever need for your application with just one click. Thomas Grubb also has a free utility to do this.

Download the free icon and splash screen generator app for Delphi 10 Berlin.

Update: The original version of this was packed with UPX and flagged as a virus. Apparently this is a new version that is not packed with UPX.

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7 Responses to Generate Icons And Splash Screens In One Click For Delphi 10 Berlin Apps On Android And IOS

  1. antonello says:

    please verify … maybe this EXE contains a virus

    user online

    this is report

  2. Jako Grobler says:

    Our corporate firewall is also blocking the file (I think it uses Fortinet):

    You are not permitted to download the file “Delphi-10.1-Berlin-Icons-Generator.rar” because it is infected with the virus “W32/Banbra.TPQM!tr”.

  3. Edi Liu says:

    Can you publish the source code of this tool?

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  5. DAVID SMITH says:

    I use SuperAntiSpyware.exe (AV) and it came up clean. I downloaded and am using it and none of my AV programs have reported a problem. Usually Windows Defender deletes an “infected” file before I have a chance to click on it.

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