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Check Out Firemonkey Demos In Your Browser With HTML5 Based WebFMX

Delphi XE6 Firemonkey HTML5 DemosWebFMX from Cybele Software is a third party solution that allows Firemonkey apps to run on an HTML5 canvas in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Normally the four native platforms that Firemonkey supports are Windows, Android, IOS, and OSX. WebFMX works by compiling some code into your app and then loading your app onto the WebFMX server. The WebFMX server is a web server that serves up your application for consumption by a JavaScript API. The JavaScript API draws your application to an HTML5 canvas then takes your input and passes it back to the application. The WebFMX server runs on Windows and each application that is loaded via WebFMX is actually running on the Windows server where the WebFMX server is setup. This means that the CPU, memory, and bandwidth limits of that server also limit how many instances of an application you can run on that server via WebFMX. Obviously the HTML5 apps will not work offline when using WebFMX because they are similar to how a remote desktop works except this is a remote application. WebFMX does use compression to reduce the amount of bandwidth that is needed to run Firemonkey apps as HTML5 and you could use shared libraries to reduce the memory footprint of each application. Sound is not currently supported by WebFMX. Adding HTML5 to the existing platforms that Firemonkey already supports makes for a very compelling solution. With an HTML5 version of your app it reduces all of the headaches of having to deploy a new version to every client whenever an update is needed. Cybele Software also has a version of WebFMX called Thinfinity Virtual UI which works with VCL apps. I have tested Thinfinity Virtual UI and I was able to get it to play Flash files in HTML5. Apps built with Delphi XE5, Delphi XE6, and AppMethod should all run via WebFMX. There is a website called set up where you can see WebFMX in action and check out demos of Firemonkey at the same time.

Head over and check out all of the available demos of Firemonkey applications running as HTML5 in your web browser.


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