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Fantastic HTML Library Updated For Delphi Berlin Firemonkey On Android And IOS

html_components_updateDeveloper Alexander Sviridenkov has updated his HTML Component Library for Delphi Berlin, adding many functionalities and various optimizations. From the most important features added in this version (3.6), we have to mention: New powerful cross-platform scripting engine, Added support for CSS visibility, table-layout properties, Added more events to THtDocument component (ThtDocument.AfterImageLoaded, THtDocument.OnAnimationEnd and THtDocument.AfterControlCreated), Instant support for Font Awesome (Android and Web developers should be familiar with this nice set of icons), support for element sorting, improved HTML Report Library (Added report-objects element – create report objects inside report from SQL, expression or script, added Side-by-side bars chart, Area charts), new component introduced – THtReportPanel and many others. Also, the library was optimized by improving the parsing and compilation speed and making style calculations faster. New demo projects are available to test these awesome new features and improvements. One more important thing to mention, HTML Editor Library has now support for IOS and Android. This is a commercial library but there are demos for you to check out which work on Windows, Android, and Mac OSX. Additionally, there is a trial version which you can test yourself to see if it fits your needs.
Head over and check out the free trial of the HTML Component Library for Delphi Firemonkey on Android, IOS, OSX, and Windows.


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