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Important List Of Fixes Released In Update 1 For Delphi XE8 Firemonkey On Android And IOS

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Delphi XE8 Firemonkey Update 1 Bug Fixes Android IOS | Delphi 11 10 XE8 XE7 XE Seattle Berlin Tokyo Rio Firemonkey Delphi Android Delphi IOSEmbarcadero has released Update 1 for Delphi XE8 Firemonkey with quite a few bug fixes for Firemonkey and deploying to Android and IOS devices. Some of the demos that come with Delphi have also been polished up. In addition to the Firemonkey fixes there are other bug fixes across the product which apply to the IDE, app tethering, the RTL, the debugger, FireDAC, DataSnap, AppAnalytics, and the compiler. IOS64, Windows 10, and Android Lollipop support have all been polished up. If you are on the Update Subscription you can download it now. If you are not on the Update Subscription you should be (but there is a small update for you as well). Macro Cantu has a blog post up about the Update with more information. The update should also be available for those of you running Appmethod. Here are the important fixes that jump out:

  • [All] XE8 Bug: Generics TList<T>.Insert where T is Record
  • [IOS] AppAnalytics: Incorrect argument type in SysCtlByName call leads to AV in iOS64
  • [IOS] [Box2D|iOS64] Box2D Delphi converts ‘uint32’ to ‘LongWord’
  • [IOS] Unable to load libsqlib.dylib in iOS Simulator
  • [IOS] [FireDAC, iOS64] Replace LongInt with Integer as data storage for dtDate / dtTime DB types
  • [IOS] [iOS64] ERangeError with calculated fields in TFDMemTable
  • [IOS] [XE8+1/AM1.16+1] IDE fails to read AppID iOS Provisioning profile
  • [IOS] [AM1.16/Indivisual SKU (iOS)/iOS32] User certificate & several profiles autoinstalled after attempt to deploy FMX Delphi application on device
  • [IOS] [3d] [iOS64] On iOS64 3d work is wrong
  • [IOS] FMX.Edit makes app does not load on iOS Simulator
  • [IOS] [TMapView][iOS] AV or app crash when calling a magnifier of styled TMemo in app with TMapView
  • [IOS] iPhone Landscape Image loads or Camera loads produce app failure
  • [IOS] [iOS Simulator] Display is corrupted in landscape mode
  • [IOS] iOS native platform controls not rendering on iOS 64 bit iPhone 6
  • [IOS] [iOS 64 bit] Wrong alignment native controls
  • [IOS] [TTakePhotoFromLibraryAction][iOS] Radical aspect of images crash app on loading
  • [IOS] TFontGlyphManager.GetGlyph gives wrong result on IOS64
  • [Android] Android RESTClient.OnValidateCertificate doesn’t work
  • [Android] Bad render of header on Android devices
  • [Android] App Analytics not enabling after privacy dialog on Android
  • [Android] Android L styles (default and custom) do not include Tint property
  • [Android] Using REST with SSL fails on Android for self signed certificates (and other types)
  • [Android] [TGrid, TDateColumn, TTimeColumn, Android] App with TDateColumn or TTimeColumn cannot start on Android
  • [Windows 10] apps doesn’t run on win64 platform if ‘Runtime Packages’ are used
  • [Windows 10] FMX Desktop ControlsDemo app, drag&drop object to DropTarget causes AV for Windows target
  • [OSX] [IBLite] [MacOS] [AppStore] OSX License error when deploying to Application Store under XE7
  • [REST] Null DateTime conversion error in REST.Response.Adapter
  • [REST] Rest.Response.Adaptor AddJSONDataRow throws an exception for null variant conversion
  • [REST] When using a TRESTClient component, with a custom Useragent, “Embarcadero URI Client/1.0” will always be appended
  • Very serious BUG, FMTBCD or Variant
  • FMX MD HD App can’t deploy on 2 different devices (User & App ID profiles) with error e8008016
  • [TListView] [Platform] TListView wrong places search field, if device rotated
  • CGContextSaveGState: invalid context 0x0. While using SetActiveTabWithTransition
  • [Memo] Vertical ScrollBar behaves strangely when calling TMemo.Lines.Delete, moreover this may cause an error
  • Error with Analytics in the app around sending data
  • TMapView marker with custom icon leads to exception
  • FMX TGridPanelLayout with ExpandStyle = FixedSize makes Delphi crashing
  • [Win64] Package code, accessing global variables, like Application, Screen, etc. throws Access Violation
  • [C++] ActionList in C++ with TabControl makes the app crash when closed
  • [C++] It is not possible to compile an iOS C++ project with an iOS 8.3 SDK from XCode 6.3.2

Head over and check out the full list of fixes in Delphi XE8 Update 1 on the Embarcadero site.

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