LangMan Localization Components For Delphi XE5 Firemonkey

LangMan components for creating of multilingual applications in Delphi relieving you the troubles with programming of translations, switching between languages, maintaining clear and readable source code. LangMan supports cross platforms and compilers for Delphi XE5. LangMan for developing mobile, desktop and web applications based on the FireMonkey, VCL or uniGUI frameworks.LangMan

The T(Uni)ResourcesTranslator(X) component comes with its own editor, easily localize any resourcestrings. The import of language data function provides transfer of a project localized by means of other tools into a project localized by LangMan components. Load data stored by the TLang component from the FireMonkey library directly.

User language selection can be included by means of visual components TLangCombo(X) or TLangFlagsCombo, or TUniLangCombo in web applications. Individual languages are assigned a graphic symbol or a flag which is displayed in the language selection menu or in the T (Uni)LangFlag(X) component.

Benefits of using the LangMan components

  • Simple to use
  • Implementation takes minimum time
  • Procurement and maintenance costs are minimal
  • Expert technical support and fast troubleshooting
  • All source codes of a given edition are included in all editions
  • Cross platform support for Windows 32-bit, 64-bit, OSX, iOS, Android
  • A new licence or upgrade entitles user to all future versions of the relevant edition for a minimum of three years.
  • Run-time language editor allow users to participate in the development of localizations.

Supported Delphi versions

The LangMan components are used with the following versions of Delphi (RAD Studio):

  • 2007 (only ANSI coding of strings and without FMX components)
  • 2009, 2010, XE (without FMX components)
  • XE2, XE3 (without automatic LanguageMenu with FMX engine)
  • XE4, XE5

Try it out first by downloading free LangMan Personal.

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