35+ Must Have Delphi Firemonkey Components For Android And IOS

Android and IOS Component Pack For Delphi FiremonkeyTMS Pack for FireMonkey is a commercial set of highly configurable and styleable components for cross-platform FireMonkey software development. TMS Pack for FireMonkey supports Windows (32 & 64 bit), Mac OS X, iOS, and Android platforms, HTML formatted text (including hyperlinks in various parts of the components), and LiveBindings. It also includes various demos, an extensive PDF developers guide, and various helper controls (badge, button and html enabled text controls).

The TMS Pack for FireMonkey includes over 35+ controls. Everything from a Memo (TTMSFMXMemo) to a rotary switch (TTMSFMXRotarySwitch). Included in the pack is the TMS Instrumentation WorkShop for FireMonkey. There is a trial version available for you to test out.

Visit TMS Software today and download the trial version of TMS Pack.


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5 Responses to 35+ Must Have Delphi Firemonkey Components For Android And IOS

  1. Gordon says:

    The TMS stuff was money wasted.. Buggy, incomplete.. Use DPF, free , full featured and over 50 demos? Solid as a rock, and real native IOS apps with XE5. Love it..

    • Admin says:

      The DPF controls are nice but totally different from this TMS Pack for Firemonkey. These TMS controls do things like syntax highlighting in a Memo control that the DPF controls don’t do. These TMS controls are also cross platform (aka includes Windows and Mac OSX) and the DPF controls are IOS and/or Android only. So different control suites for different purposes.

    • Roland says:

      I need to correct this. The TMS components are not money wasted.
      They work and TMS is updateing them almost once a month correcting errors you report them.

    • Paul TAYLOR says:

      Although I have not used TMS/Delph since Embarcadero abandoned its core small to medium developers in favour if the corporate big bucks, I started with Delphi Beta 1 and TMS not that long after. So with a over a decade’s experience with TMS, I found their components BRILLIIANT, particularly as they sell ‘with full source’ at reasonable prices, meaning even if/when you encountered a bug you could find and fix it easily. Having said that, from their fledgling days to now, I found TMS to be ahead of the game and VERY supportive of it’s developers, with fast bug fixes and frequent updates (free most of the time).

      Most importantly, because of their extensive Del[hi experience I find the ‘internal design architecture’ of their components superior to every other component pack I’ve used. The benefit being tremendous power from being able to seamlessly embed components within components etc, something they pioneered (AFIK) and still lead the competition with.

      Sorry to hear your experience was so different – do acknowledge there s a learning curve with TMS, but much like a ‘VW Beetle’ vs an ‘F1’ the time spent learning to use the power s well worth it! Perhaps you should take advantage of their free trials another time, when you have the time to delve into (and fully appreciate) why so many developers swear by TMS.

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