Build Native C++ Apps Targeting Android For Free Using The Firemonkey Based AppMethod IDE

AppMethod Firemonkey C++ Android FreeEmbarcadero has updated their AppMethod Firemonkey IDE product to bring it up to speed with the XE6 Update 1 Firemonkey update and bug fixes. One new thing they have released with this version of AppMethod is you can now build and deploy Android apps using C++ for free. AppMethod does both C++ and Object Pascal but only the C++ option on Android devices is currently available for free. Anything that supports XE6 Firemonkey (and XE5 Firemonkey with minor changes) should also work great in AppMethod Firemonkey. I’m not sure if you can compile Object Pascal components using the Android C++ option like you can with C++Builder but it is something to try out for sure. The other platforms that AppMethod supports are Windows, OSX, and IOS. Additionally, I’m pretty sure AppMethod does allow you to create DataSnap ISAPI (and probably Apache WebBroker) server side libraries as well. One caveat is that you can not have AppMethod and any version of XE6 installed at the same time because they use the same directories so they do not co-exist with each other. This is a really great opportunity to try out the AppMethod (which is basically Delphi and C++Builder combined) mobile functionality for free.

Head over and download the full version of AppMethod with free C++ on Android support.

Have Delphi Firemonkey questions? Ask and get answers on StackOverflow.

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