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Build An MP3 Player With Delphi XE5 And XE6 Firemonkey For Android And IOS

Delphi XE6 Firemonkey MP3 Player DemoAndrey Efimov has a tutorial blog post with source code of an MP3 Player app for Android built in Delphi XE5 and XE6 Firemonkey. Originally it was built for XE5 but has recently been updated to work on XE6 as well (and I would assume AppMethod). The post is in Russian so you’ll want to use the Google Chrome translate function. The tutorial uses the TMediaPlayer component that ships with Delphi to play MP3 files. There are actually two different blog posts and the second post with the XE6 version has a more advanced version of the MP3 Player. It supports ID3v2 through a third party component which you can access here. You could probably get it working under IOS as well but right now it looks like it has some hard coded paths for Android. The list of MP3s is loaded up into a TListView. It supports Play, Pause, Play Next, Play Previous, navigating the play head with a track bar, and more. Lastly it shows how to stop the back button from exiting the app which allows the music to play in the background. Full source code is available at the end of the blog post as well as a sample APK. See the back button code here:

Head over and check out the full blog post from Andrey Efimov about building an MP3 Player in Delphi Firemonkey. And check out the first blog post about the MP3 Player.

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