Animate Properties Using A Timeline With AnimationLab For Delphi XE5 Firemonkey On Android And Windows

Delphi XE6 Firemonkey Animation Lab Timeline ComponentBoian Mitov from Mitov Software has recently released a new component suite called AnimationLab for Delphi XE5 and XE6 Firemonkey. AnimationLab makes use of an open source component suite and Delphi IDE add on called OpenWire which is also from Mitov Software. AnimationLab runs on Windows, Android, and IOS (in beta). AnimationLab comes with three different components which are ALTimeline which allows you to manipulate components and their properties based on a timeline, ALMass which allows you to apply mass effects to Firemonkey 3D components, and ALDrag which allows you to apply drag effects. The timeline itself is a Delphi IDE add on which you can use to visualize the timeline. AnimationLab reminds me of TFloatAnimation somewhat as it can change values over time. As an example it looks like in the screen shot that you can visually see the color range that Alphacolor fades between along the timeline. The best way to figure out if AnimationLab can help you is to download the free trial and see what it can do for yourself.

Head over and download the full AnimationLab component and start animating your Delphi projects using a timeline.


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