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FireMonkey 10.4.2 Features Updated iOS 14, Android 11, And macOS 11 Support Plus Hundreds Of Fixes

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The latest version for FireMonkey is available in Delphi 10.4.2 and C++Builder 10.4.2. There are a massive number of fixes included which touch all major supported operating systems including Android, IOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. It features updated support for iOS 14 in the App Store and ad-hoc enterprise deployment. Additionally, it features support for macOS 11 Big Sur on Intel and 64-bit App Store and enterprise deployment. Finally, it supports Android 11 and App Bundle format improvements. You can check out the full release notes here. Lastly, these enhancements were added for FireMonkey:

  • MSIX support for Windows Store
  • Enhanced Code Insight using the LSP technology for Delphi and C++
  • Many Improved IDE features and a new IDE style
  • A silent installer
  • Delphi RTL and C++ RTL improvements, including Dinkumware STL
  • Quality improvements for Delphi compiler speed, the C++ toolchain, FMX, database access, HTTP, and REST client libraries, Parallel Programming Library, SOAP, the Migration Tool, and more.

Here is a list of bug fixes as they relate to FireMonkey and cross platform development with Delphi 10.4.2:

Add support for Xcode 12, macOS 11 Big Sur and iOS 14 when officially released by Apple Compiler, CompilerC++, CompilerDelphi, FireMonkey RSP-30806
No Warning Message when you Publish 64bit Android App on a 32Bit OS Android Compiler, CompilerDelphi RSP-31676
MacOS64: Raising an exception causes application and PAServer to crash Compiler, CompilerDelphi RSP-31667
Delphi gets stuck on “Installing apk” Compiler, CompilerDelphi, FireMonkey RSP-27424
Android app compiled on Delphi 10.4.1, does not work on Google Pixel with Android 11. Compiler, CompilerDelphi, FireMonkey RSP-31398
Android App closes/crashes if an exception is raised on TListView:OnItemClickEx-event Compiler, CompilerDelphi, FireMonkey RSP-16639
PAServer errors FireMonkey RSB-4353
Access violation with a Styles TDateTimeEdit FireMonkey RSP-18153
TEdit with ControlType = Platform bringtofront method does not work FireMonkey RSP-13190
iOS-App crashes when Virtual Keyboard is on and when switching to another app which hides the keyboard FireMonkey RSP-30002
Texture are lost FireMonkey RSP-16121
Motion sensor does not work on Android 7 FireMonkey RSP-18644
TTrackBar does not track correctly when Tracking is false FireMonkey RSP-32116
ListView.OnItemClickEx.ItemIndex bug with non standard object FireMonkey RSP-31407
Caret (^) is not displayed in iOS. FireMonkey RSP-31897
Confusing ifdef elseif android64 FireMonkey RSP-31617
TFlowLayout affected by children’s Margins.Top FireMonkey RSP-32321
Device refresh button in toolbar broken. FireMonkey RSP-30800
errro msgs FireMonkey RSP-31365
Default ICNS file must be upgraded [Mac Store] FireMonkey RSP-30733
Firebase push notifications for iOS FireMonkey RSP-25637
Modal Forms are not modal on macOS FireMonkey RSB-2866
[FMX] TListBox FireMonkey RSB-4022
Typing after selecting a string then selected string will not be removed.(in OSX TEdit or TMemo) FireMonkey RSB-3596
FMX TPopup actions not updated FireMonkey RSP-21495
(TTextLayout::ConvertToPath -> TPath::MakeScreenShot) Text drawing is distorted FireMonkey RSP-19288
Windows can be trapped behind other windows when using showmodal FireMonkey RSP-26434
FMX. Tstringgrid customeditor access violation on change value FireMonkey RSP-24257
Updating a filtered TListView is not working FireMonkey RSP-16186
TListView refresh issue in combination with TClientDataset FireMonkey RSP-25930
FlowLayout child components order is totally random FireMonkey RSP-32009
10.4.1 regression: tflowlayoutbreak doesn’t work anymore FireMonkey RSP-31816
Access Violation during program finalization in FMX.Controls.TControl.AncestorParentChanged FireMonkey RSP-32205
TListView with LiveBinding crash with Android11 FireMonkey RSP-31548
TCustomScrollBox.InternalAlign sometimes shows scrollbar due to Single calculations FireMonkey RSP-31976
D10.4.1 TDateEdit dialog for select date is different than previous version D10.3 FireMonkey RSP-31993
Livebinding Designer does not detect TListView change of ItemAppearance.ItemAppearance FireMonkey RSP-31578
FMX [ANDROID] FMXDefaultDialogFragment.onCreate App Crash FireMonkey RSP-23962
ComboBox doesn’t scroll to make the selected item visible. FireMonkey RSP-18749
[Windows] FMX TEdit Component Error!!! FireMonkey RSP-18276
Sensors do not work in android FireMonkey RSP-24713
IOS: Premium Style TSpeedButton With StyleLookup segmentedbuttonright Out Of Alignment FireMonkey RSP-20034
CheckColumn at most right sets to default width FireMonkey RSP-20878
OpenDialog causes Invalid Argument when used on modal dialog macOS FireMonkey RSP-26517
FMX library/WIC is unable to open readonly or already opened images FireMonkey RSP-14171
Project raised exception class EJNIException with message ‘java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘boolean java.lang.String.contains(java.lang.CharSequence)’ on a null object reference FireMonkey RSP-24695
CMD+Q invoke onFormCloseQuery two times on macOS 32/64 FireMonkey RSP-26004
Screen.displayCount=0 for Fire HD 10 (9.Gen) FireMonkey RSP-26563
TCustomMultiResBitmap.ItemByScale is little slow FireMonkey RSP-15542
Transfer of Cookies to TWebBrowser FireMonkey RSP-22920
Can’t run Firemonkey-App on Android 7.1.2 FireMonkey RSP-20273
You are not allowed to use location services FireMonkey RSP-16406
Menu of MainMenu pops up sometimes on a wrong screen FireMonkey RSP-21871
Atom leak in FMX.Platform.Win FireMonkey RSP-16557
Date / Time Picker for iOS 14+ (14.4) FireMonkey RSP-32342
Camera Component threading issue Android FireMonkey RSP-31238
Native iOS TComboBox with 28+ items will crash FireMonkey RSP-31235
Change to TControl.SetNewScene causes virtual call to destroyed object FireMonkey RSP-31202
[macOS][Metal]TMemo and wordwrap FireMonkey RSP-31134
TGrid shows current time instead of the value FireMonkey RSP-31119
TListview crash on swipe to delete (iOS) FireMonkey RSP-31111
CloseQuery causes exception in Firemonkey on styled form FireMonkey RSP-31074
TBufferedLayout has small graphical issues FireMonkey RSP-31069
Incorrect TChart drawing on macOS Big Sur FireMonkey RSP-30202
TListView – Missing OnChange when switching entries with mouse click FireMonkey RSP-30866
Adding text to TMemo with sLinebreak-signs crashed the Memo FireMonkey RSP-30846
Behaviour different to 10.3.3 and wrong for Inserting text in TMemo FireMonkey RSP-30845
Duplicate resource FireMonkey RSP-30637
[iOS] TiOSGeocoder.GeocodeForwardHandler can cause a crash FireMonkey RSP-30483
Empty app crashing on Android 10 FireMonkey RSP-30546
Delphi 10.4.1-FMX Combo-box and Combo-edit useless becouse of latency in drop-down FireMonkey RSP-31383
TTextureStyle.MipMaps is de facto not supported on Metal FireMonkey RSP-28576
Newly created TBItmap content in not zeroed on Metal FireMonkey RSP-28895
Metal cause my ios apps to be jerky slow and flickerl FireMonkey RSP-28340
TListBox selection bug FireMonkey RSP-28235
LocationSensor is not useable FireMonkey RSP-29859
No changing center point in Brush Gradient (at least in D2D version), its fixed. FireMonkey RSP-29242
If TButton.Default=True, click is still executed even if it TButton.Enabled=False FireMonkey RSP-29788
Circumflex ^ character in edit controls not visible FireMonkey RSP-30030
TabOrder property of TPanel not saved when part of TFrame FireMonkey RSP-29989
Pressing Enter key in TComboEdit causes text to change unexpectedly FireMonkey RSP-29429
Firemonkey android form onclose no works with TCloseAction.caNone FireMonkey RSP-29529
iOS: Virtual Keyboard not switching mode when changing focus between text input controls FireMonkey RSP-30045
TMemo with Word Wrap displays Caret at start of memo in Android and iOS FireMonkey RSP-29905
Raise Exception causes application shut down under MacOS BigSur Beta2 FireMonkey RSP-30000
Custom scheme URL not working on iOS FireMonkey RSP-29996
Keyboard not showing on iOS FireMonkey RSP-29573
(Metal) 3D forms don’t render 3D controls unless there are also 2D controls on the form. FireMonkey RSP-29537
TSpeedButton does not respond after interrupting the input of Japanese IME on iOS FireMonkey RSP-28094
InputQuery window should be made wider to accomodate the caption FireMonkey RSP-27778
TComboBox item selection by typing doesn’t work FireMonkey RSP-27970
MultiView Drawer mode doesn’t work in push mode when changing orientation FireMonkey RSP-27785
Pasting into a TEdit does not behave properly when maxlength is set FireMonkey RSP-27894
TForm.activecontrol does not work? FireMonkey RSP-27486
TCanvasD2D is not threadsafe when call DrawBitmap FireMonkey RSP-27447
FMX.Graphics.TBitmap.Map with Write acess does not free underlying textures in TCanvasD2D FireMonkey RSP-27273
Cannot set tab order of fields on an FMX form where fields are in a TLayout FireMonkey RSP-27086
FMX Form No FormMouseMove Events FireMonkey RSP-27065 always shows a TCheckBox as checked when style activated FireMonkey RSP-27351
TCameraComponent can capture up to 8 times faster FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-10592
[FMX] TListViewItem.Index is not updated after inserting new items FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-15387
At design time, controls stored into a TGridPanelLayout are wrongly resized. FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-17073
[Android] OnKeyUp and OnCloseQuery handlers are called twice for Back button if Key parameter is not set to 0 in OnKeyUp FireMonkey, FireMonkeyRuntime RSP-11815
FireUIAppPreview infos options must be upgrading for macOS FireMonkey, IDE RSP-30504
Trying to add a OnClick handler to a TSpeedbutton crashed FireMonkey, IDE RSB-3710
TGridPanelLayout added control jump to free cell when clicked. FireMonkey, IDE RSP-27277
Improper installation of Radiant Shapes in Delphi 10.4 FireMonkey, InstallGetIt RSP-29544
IFuture in loop issue FireMonkey, RTL RSP-19425
Android App closes if an exception is raised on Timer:OnTimer-event FireMonkey, RTL, RTLDelphi RSP-16638
FireMonkey Form Blacked Out in IDE when Windows comes out of sleep IDE RSP-29350
Android SDK will not install IDE RSB-2669
Android SDK setup automatically chooses very old build tools IDE RSP-21979
Linker error after new iOS 14.2 update Linker RSP-31746
IOS Linking : Failed to set locale to ??2I? Linker RSP-30295
Updateing to iOS to 14.0 Linker RSP-31049
Delphi forces wrong binary into APK Linker RSP-27025
weak symbols not recognized in macos 11/iOS14 SDK PAServer RSP-31766
Linker error after Using iOS 14 PAServer RSP-31014
TXMLDocument does not suppot UTF-16 on iOS RTL, RTLDelphi RSP-23607
CreateGUID returns wrong GUID on Android. RTL, RTLDelphi RSP-20225
MacOS App hangs if TNetHTTPClient.OnValidateServerCertificate is assigned RTL, RTLDelphi RSP-31643
Handling Client-side Certificates in HTTPS request for Android OS RTL, RTLDelphi, RTLDelphiNet RSP-20194
REST component not work in Android app RTLDelphiNet RSP-30944

Head over and check out the full fix list for RAD Studio 10.4.2 FireMonkey for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Have Delphi Firemonkey questions? Ask and get answers on StackOverflow.

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