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List Of Bug Fixes For Firemonkey In #Delphi 10.1 Berlin On Android, IOS, Windows, And OSX

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Delphi 101 Berlin Bug Fix List Firemonkey Android IOS OSX Windows | Delphi 11 10 XE8 XE7 XE Seattle Berlin Tokyo Rio Firemonkey Delphi Android Delphi IOSThe huge list of fixes for Firemonkey in Delphi 10.1 Berlin which is now available from Embarcadero. There is a pretty impressive list of fixes, upgrades, and enhancements in this latest version. The fixes cover the Android, IOS, OSX, and Windows platforms. I’m pretty sure there are even more fixes (627+) in this version than the last release which is impressive. Fixes for C++Builder are also listed on the full fix list. I’ve highlighting all of the Firemonkey fixes specifically down below.

  • [FMX] TStringGrid BeginUpdate/EndUpdate does not count in Threaded Grid – Update
  • [FMX] An App with a second form, with a TabControl is slow in switching tab (when having some edit components) the first time
  • [FMX] TEdit width in a TTabControl not correct loaded
  • [FMX] Custom style regression from XE8
  • [FMX] LanguageDesigner: cannot enter any translations
  • [FMX] Typo in method name
  • [FMX] FMX: Images in TImageColumn are drawn blurry
  • [FMX] Adding TLocationSensor to Android Service leads to Segmentation fault at service startup
  • [FMX] FMX: App crashes with Images in Menus and use of GlobalUseDirect2D
  • [FMX] TWebBrowser firemonkey control on win32 failes when it is created on a frame
  • [FMX] IHintReceiver and IHintRegistry have the same GUID
  • [FMX] AV under iOS if using Actions in Multi Form Project
  • [FMX] TGrid Date column is not updated & incorrectly drawn
  • [FMX] TApplicationEvent.EnteredBackground does not fire in iOS9 (Simulator)
  • [FMX] Delphi Firemonkey DX Seattle TTabControl not reprinting correctly when inside a TVertScrollBox
  • [FMX] The phone vibrates when you create a notification (EnableSound := False)
  • [FMX] Loading a style in a TStyleBook does not get saved when form unit is closed
  • [FMX] Getting a $C0000005 exception on FireDAC.DatS at Frefs.RemRef line
  • [FMX] TWebBrowser causes EOleException
  • [FMX] Scheduled notifications make app crash on Android devices with vibration
  • [FMX] Bad style of TMenuItem with images (MacOS)
  • [FMX] Open an FMX Frame First is causing a Access Violation
  • [FMX] TComboTrackBar does not display the right value when only 1 decimal is set
  • [FMX] Memory Leaks when using TStyleBook.Filename property
  • [FMX] Loading a style file in the FMX Style Designer does not set the “Modified” flag
  • [FMX] Accelerator Keys not working as documented in Firemonkey (Delphi)
  • [FMX] Painting issue of the styled controls when position X/Y is not a whole number
  • [FMX] Application main form deactivates
  • [FMX] TTabControl slide animations are jerky
  • [FMX] Firemonkey TOpenDialog destroys the 3d graphics under OSX
  • [FMX] TComboBox inconsistent draw
  • [FMX] MacOs 10.11 El Capitan: No entries in Project-Menu (Quit/Services)
  • [FMX] Scroll is very slow and crash the program
  • [FMX] [OSX] TCameraComponent may cause AV when app is closing
  • [FMX] Animation doesn’t start if a frame is created at run time
  • [FMX] TTextLayoutNG.PositionAtPoint returns incorrect values for vertically aligned text
  • [FMX] GobalUseGPU Canvas set to false causes font to be rendered incorrectly.
  • [FMX] TListView Styles, missing selected and header row background color
  • [FMX] TGrid control automatically formatting dates outside of my control
  • [FMX] Some emoji symbols are rendered incorrectly on iOS
  • [FMX] TCustomMemo.SetData should handle empty TValue
  • [FMX] changetabaction in action list produce access violation while changing active tab item
  • [FMX] Form Sizing – Client Height – Personal Hotspot Enabled
  • [FMX] TGrid + Livebindings scrolling performance
  • [FMX] [MacOS] Major artifacts when painting focused controls in OS X
  • [FMX] LongTap event fires before TStringGrid.Selected is being assigned
  • [FMX] [TWebBrowser][Android] App will crash if explicitly free form with the component.
  • [FMX] Memory leaks in TStyleStreaming.SaveToIndexedStream
  • [FMX] TGrid OnCreateCustomEditor is not fired anymore
  • [FMX] Drag and drop in TTreeViewItem does not work
  • [FMX] TGrid shows empty when Options ColLines and RowLines are false
  • [FMX] Zip actions and sensors on IOS
  • [FMX] [Android] TWebBrowser shows Baidu maps mostly disfunctional
  • [FMX] TColumn.DoCreateCustomEditor is no longer working
  • [FMX] [FMX] TEdit: Caret positioning after removing part of the text
  • [FMX] [FMX] TMemo loses chars when MaxLength is set
  • [FMX] [StyleDesigner] renders badly nested custom controls
  • [FMX] Default button-style for donetoolbutton on Android: icon and text overlap each other
  • [FMX] Delphi 10 Seattle – input special unicode Chinese character in TEdit, app will unexpectedly quit
  • [FMX] TTreeViewItem, TListBoxItem, TMenuItem, TListViewItem hint is never shown
  • [FMX] StyleBook editor error when using multi paste option
  • [FMX] Transparent image is not transparent
  • [FMX] TWebBrowser crash if parent is a frame or border style of form is none
  • [FMX] Application.ProcessMessages behavior under OSX
  • [FMX] TCanvas.Drawline draws nothing on iOS if line is short
  • [FMX] TNotificationCenter.Supported is missed in Seattle
  • [FMX] TOpenDialog and AllowMultiSelect: bad name stored in Files TStrings.
  • [FMX] Dynamically create Labels to FramedScroll Box
  • [FMX] [TStyleBook] A new style is applied to all controls at runtime only if TStyleBook is set after the form is shown
  • [FMX] [iOS] Interactive Gesture of control on form become invalid when form.transparency:= True.
  • [FMX] Under iOS, a call to ‘MessageDlg’ when exiting a ‘TEdit’ component with virtual keyboard showing will result in
  • the non-hiding of the virtual keyboard.
  • [FMX] When scroll or pan, show error “Invalid class typecast”.
  • [FMX] Memory leak in FMX.Styles.pas
  • [FMX] TPopup Animation not working
  • [FMX] SwipeTransitionEffect on Mobile, not working
  • [FMX] IOS WillBecomeInactive TApplicationEvent not trigger
  • [FMX] IFMXTakenImageService on IOS does not return Image
  • [FMX] Segmentation Fault in TFMXTextListener on Android with Galaxy Tab
  • [FMX] SQLite fails if CoreLocation is linked to the binary
  • [FMX] Memory Leak in TStyleBook
  • [FMX] For component on tabcontrol page, set align to client will not work.
  • [FMX] Can not change affectation of a TFloatAnimation to différents controls
  • [FMX] Bug in FMX.Printer raises EAbstractError, implementation missing
  • [FMX] Access violation in TViewport3D after deleting TControl3D 3D object children
  • [FMX] TGlyph not working on Android 4.x
  • [FMX] TWebBrowser raises an exception on Android in debug mode.
  • [FMX] Wrong values used for SetBounds in ApplyStyleLookup
  • [FMX] Cannot update fixedheight in object impector
  • [FMX] GetPropList with TRectangle returs StrokeThickness as property which should be part of Stroke (tkClass) property
  • [FMX] Cannot delete folder of last used FMX project
  • [FMX] [FMX]On Win Platform TLable AutoSize has wrong effect with smoe Char
  • [FMX] New columns can only be created as long as no style is assigned to the grid
  • [FMX] TMemo End key does not work correctly
  • [FMX] Last deleted record in empty dataset still visible in StringGrid
  • [FMX] Performance benchmark for TGrid and TStringGrid
  • [FMX] Firemonkey TOpenDialog messes up graphics and is unstable under OSX
  • [FMX] TEdit Cursorposition after deleting a marked text
  • [FMX] [TMediaPlayer][MacOS] TMediaPlayer Play function causes major memory leak
  • [FMX] [TMediaPlayer][Android] Error in TMediaPlayer when video play cyclically
  • [FMX] When surrogate pair char (some emoji) in TEdit.Text , a cursor move strange.
  • [FMX] Access violation when using TTreeview on Windows
  • [FMX] System.NetEncoding TBase64Encoding range check error
  • [FMX] [iOS device] TEdit/TMemo inserts 10 spaces(blank) when inputting string via Voice
  • [FMX] Runtime creation of forms in Android
  • [FMX] TGrid with CheckColumn linked to TFDQuery BooleanField does not show checkbox
  • [FMX] Can’t close when menu opened.
  • [FMX] [iOS] InteractiveGestures is not working when setting BorderStyle of form to bsNone
  • [FMX] AddObject is too slow
  • [FMX] TMenuItem.InsertObject does not work
  • [FMX] Tpopup / Tpopupbox are broken after application resume on Android

Head over and check out the full list of fixes in Delphi 10.1 Berlin over on the Embarcadero Developer Network site.

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