Localize Your Firemonkey IOS and Android Apps With DKLang

Delphi XE5 Firemonkey Localization With DKLangThere is a set of localization components for Firemonkey called DKLang. It allows you to easily localize your Android and IOS apps in Delphi XE5. Localizing your apps allows you to reach a wider audience on the app stores. This component package looks pretty easy to use. It also has a DKLang Translation Editor available to easily customize the translation of your app and it supports Unicode. It is thread safe, allows transparent language switching, and it’s runtime optimized. The component is open source.

Find out more and download the components.

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5 Responses to Localize Your Firemonkey IOS and Android Apps With DKLang

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  2. BJ Miller says:

    DKLang also works on OSX, Win32, & Win64.

  3. Mitsoloth says:

    Is it supposed to work 100% on android? Tried one of the demo projects and if u lock and unlock the device while the program is running, runtime language change stops working till you restart the application.

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