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Massive Update With Tons Of Fixes For Delphi 10.4 Firemonkey On Android, IOS, MacOS, Windows, And Linux

| Delphi 11 10 XE8 XE7 XE Seattle Berlin Tokyo Rio Firemonkey Delphi Android Delphi IOS

| Delphi 11 10 XE8 XE7 XE Seattle Berlin Tokyo Rio Firemonkey Delphi Android Delphi IOSRAD Studio 10.4 Sydney (Delphi + C++Builder) has been released with some significant enhancements to the Firemonkey framework. 10.4 includes new Metal API support on macOS and iOS and it brings significant performance improvements. Additionally, there is a new TBufferedLayout control which will cache painting of controls contained inside of it. The product itself received over 1000 updates and fixes across the IDE, RTL, VCL, and FMX. There are a ton of updates and new features in this release which makes it difficult to catalog them all!

Items from the release that are related to cross platform Firemonkey are:

  • Apple’s new launch screen storyboard requirement.
  • Delphi memory management is now unified across all supported platforms – mobile, desktop, and server.
  • New styled TMemo component on the Windows platform.
  • FMXLinux integration for building Linux GUI applications in Enterprise and Architect.
  • TWebBrowser control for iOS is now implemented using the WKWebView API
  • macOS implementation of Media Player control now used AVFoundation
  • Expanded HTTP and REST Client libraries with additional HTTPS features
  • LiveBindings Performance and Features Enhancements

The list of fixes applied to FireMonkey 10.4 are as follows:

TListView OnUpdatingObjects event handler not synch with datasource Data, DataLiveBindings, FireMonkey RSP-16014
Live Bindings Master/ Detail problem in FireMonkey Data, DataLiveBindings, FireMonkey RSP-16255
Access violation in dclbindcomp250.bpl when opeing a project Data, DataLiveBindings, FireMonkey RSP-18445
FMX relationship TClientDataSet TGrid program Data, DataLiveBindings, FireMonkey RSP-23224
Column index,1 out of bounds Data, DataLiveBindings, FireMonkey RSP-23941
Error formatting the TDateColumn with LiveBindings on Mac Os 64 bit Data, DataLiveBindings, FireMonkey RSP-27237
When using BindingsList, The number in the edit box is not inserted or updated after submission when the mouse clicks the up or down button of TUpDown (FMX / TSpinBox) Data, DataLiveBindings, FireMonkey, VCL RSP-21412
Interaction of Swipe gestures with button clicks FireMonkey AP-208
fmx client align apparently ignores system toolbar at bottom of screen FireMonkey AP-209
Exception when setting the text property of a TLabel if the text contains a line feed character FireMonkey RSB-1753
Integer overflow in FMX.InertialMovement (TAniCalculations FUpdateTimerCount) FireMonkey RSB-2555
Move some TControl3D methods from private section to protected FireMonkey RSB-2724
Can’t upload MacOS-64-App to AppStore because of deprecated API usage FireMonkey RSB-3037
iOS 13 Dark mode – switch event FireMonkey RSB-3357
Video playback fails on Catalina FireMonkey RSB-3375
iOS missing property list keys for Bluetooth LE development FireMonkey RSB-3428
access to macOS Documents folder is missing from the entitlements list FireMonkey RSB-3468
Audio recording is not working even though entitlement is set FireMonkey RSB-3469
DateEdit onEnter called too late FireMonkey RSB-3486
CameraControl freezes on all windows FireMonkey RSP-11625
FMX Hint FireMonkey RSP-13220
Disabling FMX Border Icon cause tips to not be displayed FireMonkey RSP-13663
Create double buffered FMX controls FireMonkey RSP-15576
Hints not shown when BorderIcons maximize is disabled. FireMonkey RSP-16240
TGrid: move Tcolumn.Layout property to public FireMonkey RSP-16415
TTetheringAppProfile.SendStream() doesn’t return false if the transmission failed everytime FireMonkey RSP-16430
TEdit ValidChars doesn’t work on Android FireMonkey RSP-16585
Delphi 10.1 Berlin FireMonkey (Mobile platform) – English and Chinese characters arrangement proble FireMonkey RSP-16590
OpenGL we always recreate the shared context just after the form is created FireMonkey RSP-16602
Memory Leak in TTextLayoutNG from FMX.TextLayout.GPU FireMonkey RSP-16664
Toggling Active state of TCameraComponent causes app to crash FireMonkey RSP-16812
TCheckCell.DrawCell should place CheckBox image into center of cell FireMonkey RSP-17083
Pan and Zoom gestures cannot be used simultaneously in Android FireMonkey RSP-17835
Push Notifications from FCM in an Android Service and iOS FireMonkey RSP-18006
Regarding Hint problem again FireMonkey RSP-18265
[Windows] FMX TEdit Component Error!!! FireMonkey RSP-18276
Regarding Control’s ClipChildren property FireMonkey RSP-18795
TBindNavigator::Visible property does not compile in C++ FireMonkey RSP-19037
Hint on TSpeedButton Result Segmentation Fault FireMonkey RSP-19306
Firemonkey Slow Paint [BUFFER IS THE SOLUTION] FireMonkey RSP-19432
GDI Leaks at FMX.Memo.Win FireMonkey RSP-19474
SharedHint Issue/Crash on mobile devices FireMonkey RSP-19479
Add TToolbar ShowHint & ParentShowHint FireMonkey RSP-19507
The size of the TTextLayout text displayed by TTextLayout::ConvertToPath and TTextLayout::LenderLayout is different. FireMonkey RSP-19590
Please change visibility of StyledMemo method FireMonkey RSP-19944
TCurrencyColumn for TGrid does not work properly FireMonkey RSP-20095
Cant get Caret position from mouse in TMemo FireMonkey RSP-20112
TGrid.OnSetValue evoke twice when click TCheckCell FireMonkey RSP-20125
VisualBindings is Slow, should be improved FireMonkey RSP-20325
Add IIsChecked interface to TRadioButton FireMonkey RSP-20374
Add IIsChecked interface to TMenuItem FireMonkey RSP-20410
Add IIsChecked interface to TSpeedButton FireMonkey RSP-20411
Multi-point gradients fail FireMonkey RSP-20497
Androidapi.JNIBridge source appears to be misaligned with binaries FireMonkey RSP-20651
Using Metal instead of OpenGL on Mac / iOS FireMonkey RSP-20667
TListView onChange called twice FireMonkey RSP-20828
FMX.Canvas.TextToPath() on Android behaves differently to Windows FireMonkey RSP-21137
wrong behave of OnClick in TLabel (Firemonkey) FireMonkey RSP-21187
OnResize event is triggered before (Frame)Create is complete FireMonkey RSP-21188
Can’t link xcode9.4 build Static Library framework in firemonkey FireMonkey RSP-21247
Invalid assumption in TTextLayoutNG.CreateFrame FireMonkey RSP-21249
TGestureEventInfo.Distance wrong on multimonitor system FireMonkey RSP-21326
TFrame.Enabled problem FireMonkey RSP-21447
TPushDeviceTokenData must contain the NSData of the token FireMonkey RSP-21539
Dont remove “Translation Tools” (FireMonkey TLang) FireMonkey RSP-21641
Ignoring value TComboTrackBar.DecimalDigits in runtime FireMonkey RSP-21821
TakeFotoFromCameraAction property Editable doesn’t work FireMonkey RSP-21921
FMX.Listbox.TComboBox Sort ignores comparer FireMonkey RSP-21924
Changes to FMX.Memo.Style.pas FireMonkey RSP-22406
dbl-click on TEdit doesn’t select last word FireMonkey RSP-22876
IF UIFileSharingEnabled is true/YES Application Loader rejects iOS-App because of type mismatch FireMonkey RSP-22926
TMemo crash triggered by EndUpdate during destruction FireMonkey RSP-22948
Hints stop displaying after form’s handle recreation FireMonkey RSP-23062
“ld” exited with code 1 when adding TetheringManager to project (Android) FireMonkey RSP-23073
TTimer can suddenly die without any notification FireMonkey RSP-23114
FMX.ListView.OnChange fires even if item doesn’t change FireMonkey RSP-23188
Rio officially only support Android 5+ but minSDK is 19 (4.4) which has problems FireMonkey RSP-23219
Android TNumberbox: onExit gets wrong value FireMonkey RSP-23299
Visibility of TFont.FFontSvc: IFMXSystemFontService FireMonkey RSP-23757
Tooltips and hints do not function for controls placed on layout containers FireMonkey RSP-23835
procedure TCustomForm.PaintBackground; must be set as virtual FireMonkey RSP-23841
Calendar causing crashes FireMonkey RSP-23873
Popup menu closes when clicking on item separator and on disabled items. FireMonkey RSP-23890
FMX [ANDROID] unable to use NDK API beyond 22 – App Crash on 23+ FireMonkey RSP-24016
MapView.OnMarkerDragEnd does not give new position FireMonkey RSP-24168
Access violation on TEdit when TEdit.ShowHint=True and there is text in TEdit.Hint and you tap on it FireMonkey RSP-24246
TCalendar OnDateSelected trigger loop FireMonkey RSP-24324
Inner borders drawn on TEdit, TCombo, TButton, TLabel …… FireMonkey RSP-24392
AV in TFMXViewBase.insertText FireMonkey RSP-24409
miss the declaration of UIAlertController/UIAlertAction in iOSApi.uiKit FireMonkey RSP-24740
Usage descriptions that could be added for macOS FireMonkey RSP-25593
Tab Stops do not follow Tab Order FireMonkey RSP-25964
fmx gpu rendering text property bug FireMonkey RSP-25974
TPopup and TScrollBox is not working well FireMonkey RSP-26042
Implement automatic dark mode switching FireMonkey RSP-26110
TCurrencyColumn wrong display FireMonkey RSP-26184
TCalendar wrong resizing with FireMonkey styles FireMonkey RSP-26332
TDateEdit IsEmpty is not persistent FireMonkey RSP-26353
TLayout Size 0 is not persistent FireMonkey RSP-26361
TBitmapCodecManager.SaveToFile raises AV FireMonkey RSP-26363
FireMonkey scaling of PopupMenu subitems doesn’t work FireMonkey RSP-26572
[macOS 64] Crash due to a tap with three fingers FireMonkey RSP-26642
Android 64 bit app crashes when calling TInAppPurchase.QueryProducts FireMonkey RSP-27140
Any iOS app cannot start without debugger FireMonkey RSP-27146
FMX.Tmediaplayer.Duration is negative. FireMonkey RSP-27166
Firemonkey App compiled with Rio 10.3.3 is not usable on a MacbookPro with macOS10.13 FireMonkey RSP-27197
InAppPurchase.QueryProducts crash App in Android64 FireMonkey RSP-27228
Wrong Decimals in NumberBox when Value is greater than 32767 FireMonkey RSP-27282
incorrect declaration export function JSStringCreateWithUTF8CString FireMonkey RSP-27340
NSLocale missing a number of methods FireMonkey RSP-27353
FMX.TListBoxGroupHeader – default FALSE value in TextSettings.WordWrap not works FireMonkey RSP-27470
Firemomkey – android. Onkeyup event not called FireMonkey RSP-27496
Support newer Android NDK than 17 FireMonkey RSP-27509
Bad TLabel text rendering quality on some Android devices FireMonkey RSP-27520
TTreeView expanding items during begin update does not work FireMonkey RSP-27739
InputQuery on iOS should not show first prompt as message when using two prompts FireMonkey RSP-27777
ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage UIWebView warning from Apple FireMonkey RSP-27902
Bug in rendering ListView items FireMonkey RSP-27917
TNumberCell. Shortcoming in the validation of valid characters FireMonkey RSP-28057
FMX and VCL default exception handlers produce uninformative error messages with EAggregateException (as raised by ITask.Wait etc.) FireMonkey RSP-9539
Circular references when using 3D controls FireMonkey, FireMonkey3D Components RSP-9785
FMX Hint Cannot display if the form is transparent FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-12907
C++Builder 10 Seattle – Hint function will fail FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-13065
Hint is not shown if there is no Maximize button in form frame FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-13218
classes.dex contains superfluous gingerbread dialog classes FireMonkey, FireMonkeyRuntime RSP-13159
TApplicationEvent.WillBecomeInactive is called after TApplicationEvent.EnteredBackground for the Android platform FireMonkey, FireMonkeyRuntime RSP-18686
provider_paths.xml is missing entries FireMonkey, FireMonkeyRuntime RSP-26950
Performance optimizations – TStyledControl.FindStyleResource FireMonkey, FireMonkeyStyles RSP-10814
LongTap ​gesture event in Android has no TInteractiveGestureFlag.gfEnd​ FireMonkey, IDE RSP-23806
BannerAd header error on Windows targeted android project FireMonkey, Install RSP-20929
TNotificationCenter.PresentNotification not working on iOS10 devices (for R104) FireMonkey, RTL RSP-16762
Multi-platform App crashes on OSX when Abort is called and ‘posix.stdlib’ is in ‘uses’ section FireMonkey, RTL, RTLDelphi RSP-19307
GLHasAnyErrors is a little useless as it’s not show the error code FireMonkey, RTL, RTLDelphi RSP-21577
The iOS framework interface for NSNotification is missing ‘object’ property FireMonkey, RTL, RTLDelphi RSP-24206
Light and dark theme flag for VCL and FMX styles FireMonkey, VCL RSP-21531
Replace Internet Explorer based TWebBrowser with IWebView2 FireMonkey, VCL RSP-27543

Head over and check out the full list of updates for Delphi 10.4 Firemonkey.

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