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Over 250 Bug Fixes Now Available In Update 1 For Firemonkey And Delphi 10 Seattle

Delphi 10 Seattle Firemonkey Update 1 Bug Fixes Android IOSEmbarcadero has released an update for Delphi 10 Seattle which has quite a few significant bug fixes in it. There are quite a few fixes for the C++ compiler, a few fixes for the VCL, a couple fixes for the Help area, and some fixes that polish up the IDE as well. Apparently there was a crash with TPushEvents that is now fixed. There was an issue with adding your own JAR files to Android apps (which was causing it not to work; a workaround was available). And one IDE issue giving people trouble “IDE is unusable without scaling on high DPI” is listed as fixed. Some fixes are IOS or Android specific. Marco Cantu has a blog post up explaining some of the other fixes. Over 250 bug fixes are included. Here are the Firemonkey Framework specific customer reported bugs that are listed as fixed:

  • Mobile app with TPushEvents does not run and it shows black screen.
  • LanguageDesigner: cannot enter any translations
  • Mixed Styled and Platform controls: problems with Taborder
  • iOS exception on desctruction of platform editbox
  • menuitemstyle is wrong
  • Blank 32 bit application crashes immediately on iPhone 5 with ios9
  • The phone vibrates when you create a notification (EnableSound := False)
  • Custom FireMonkey component styling issue
  • TStyleManager.SetSystemStyle removed in Seattle
  • [Accessibility] Memory leaks and exceptions
  • TSpeedButton
  • Uses FMX.PhoneDialer.pas app crash
  • Delphi 10 Seattle Android problem, add a *.JAR and deploy to a physical machine have error

Head over and check out the full list of bug fixes available for Delphi 10 Seattle.

Update: Also download a Hotfix for a Delphi 10 Seattle IDE memory leak.

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