Threaded Web Image Loader Class For Delphi XE5 Firemonkey

ImageLoader Class Delphi FiremonkeyIf you’re loading images off the web in your Android or IOS app you may want to take a look at this class. You can use the class to queue up loading images from the web asynchronously using a thread so that the UI of your app isn’t blocked. It also has some functionality where it will cache the images that you load with it so that if you load the same image multiple times it will only download the image once. There are some other web image loading components out there but if you simply want to queue up the loading with no frills then try this one out. It uses an asynchronous library from the same author called AsyncTask.

Head over and check out the TImageLoader class.

Update: Apparently Delphi XE5 has a threading issue with Bitmaps on Android which can cause this TImageLoader to access violation. I found the fix for this on StackOverflow here. Here is a demo project which demonstrates TImageLoader loading a Bitmap on Android.

Have Delphi Firemonkey questions? Ask and get answers on StackOverflow.

14 Responses to Threaded Web Image Loader Class For Delphi XE5 Firemonkey

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  2. Mitsoloth says:

    Tried this on my mobile phone after creating a test project from Delphi XE5 update 2 and it just crashes. Anyone else made it work?

  3. Dave Gill says:

    Have got your demo project working in the IOS Simulator with no problems. However, in my own project I get an access violation when the image is loaded. I have put the implementation code below.. Any ideas why it would not be working in XE6?

    • Admin says:

      XE6 does threads differently so not sure. When I moved code over from XE5 to XE6 everywhere where I had used .DisposeOf; I basically had to comment out because it would AV. Use the debugger to find the line it is erroring on?

  4. Dison says:

    This component is not working on android with XE7

    on xe6 is fine

  5. Dison says:

    Can’t get this component to work on Android XE7?

    I have to migrate a project from XE6 to XE7, but this component is not working on (Android/XE7).

    Help, Please


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