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Tutorial To Build And Deploy Android Services For Firemonkey Apps In #Delphi 10 Seattle

Delphi 10 Seattle Android Service For FiremonkeyDevelopers Jim McKeeth and Luis Navarro from Embarcadero have created a couple blog posts highlighting the new Android Service capabilities in Delphi 10 Seattle. Android Services are a lot like Windows Services is that they are a process that runs in the background of the OS. Usually an Android Service will stay running in the background and can be used to receiving things like Push notifications. A normal app will usually be suspended or paused when you task out of it back to the home screen or to another app. Apparently you can do things like download images or sync files in the background using an Android Service. Jim has a video where he demonstrates how to use the new wizards in Delphi to generate the Android Service and attach it to your project. Luis’s blog post is a tutorial that shows you how to download an image in the background using the new Android Service. Full source code is also provided for the Android Service that is demonstrated in the blog post. In older versions of Delphi you had to create the Android Service yourself but in Delphi 10 Seattle it is really easy. You should be able to follow these tutorials for Appmethod as well.

Head over and check out the full tutorial for creating an Android Service for Firemonkey in Delphi 10 Seattle.


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