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Significant Update Available For Delphi FireMonkey 10.4.1 On Android, IOS, OSX, Windows, And Linux

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The latest version for FireMonkey is available in Delphi 10.4.1 and C++Builder 10.4.1. There are a massive number of fixes included which touch all major supported operating systems including Android, IOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. On the IOS side there was an API change for THTTPClient in the form of “The NSURLConnection API was deprecated by Apple on Mac OS X 10.11 and iOS 9, but it was still used in our HTTP Client Library. 10.4.1 introduces support for the newer NSURLSession API on both platforms. This change also addresses issues with proxy support on macOS.” Additional enhancements were made to the new TMemo on Windows and the new TMemo was also now upgraded on MacOS. Much of the “focus is on TMemo IME mode for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (among other languages) but there are also general improvements in performance, stability, scrolling behavior, mouse selection, copy and paste, and more.” Lastly, these enhancements were added for FireMonkey:

  • The Storyboard Launch Screen has added support for icon sizes required by Apple for iOS.
  • Improved permissions management for iOS Push notifications
  • TListView OnItemClick fires even if already selected
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent values for TMediaPlayer.Duration on Android
  • iOS WebBrowser issue with external links
  • TStringGrid OnCellDblClick event
  • TListView Checkmark Accessory disappearing

Here is a list of bug fixes as they relate to FireMonkey and cross platform development with Delphi 10.4.1:

Delphi 10.4 ListView, TClientDataSet bug in Android 10 Data, DataMidas, FireMonkey RSP-29482
Simulator’s devices with version 11.3 doesn’t work Debugger, FireMonkey RSP-20589
Build Error Unit “Androidapi.JNI.PlayServices.Tasks’ not found. when I build Android. File Delivery, InstallGetIt RSB-4074
Roate text is not show on mobile devices FireMonkey RSP-30348
Can’t turn on camera function FireMonkey RSP-30273
Double Click on TStringGrid FireMonkey RSP-29863
Setting Parent to nil for a frame that has a TMemo causes a crash FireMonkey RSP-29798
Issue with deploying apps to AppStoreConnect FireMonkey RSP-29692
FMX: An error occurs when undoing twice after pasting a string to Memo control FireMonkey RSP-29633
Metal backend does not support 8-bit textures FireMonkey RSP-29563
FMX TMediaPlayer.Duration nonsense value on Android FireMonkey RSP-29561
Display rotated text, some angles cannot be displayed FireMonkey RSP-29170
iOS App simply crashes with a TWebBrowser on it. FireMonkey RSP-29129
Metal is slow compare to the old quartz canvas under macos FireMonkey RSB-4208
Crash with TRadiantPathShape with metal under macos FireMonkey RSB-4207
Crash with TReflectionEffect with metal under macos FireMonkey RSB-4206
FMXTee.Canvas not compilable due to FreeAndNil change FireMonkey RSP-28780
FMX.DAE.Schema.MathTypes and FMX.DAE.Schema.GLES are missing FireMonkey RSB-4098
TabOrder information lost on parent change FireMonkey RSB-4081
TBitmap.Canvas does not work properly on Metal macOS FireMonkey RSB-4019
Windows listview font bigger at first time FireMonkey RSB-3859
TWebBrowser losing focus on EvaluateJavaScript (Android) FireMonkey RSP-27622
iOS dark mode messes up buttons with glyphs FireMonkey RSP-27620
The use of webBrowser and BannerAd on the same form makes bannerAd invisible FireMonkey RSP-27406
Edit controls appear focused when they should not FireMonkey RSP-27378
TMapview with zoom error in Delphi 10.3.3 Android FireMonkey RSP-27261
Assigning a transparent TBitmapSurface does not make it transparent FireMonkey RSP-27111
OnKeyUp does not work well on Mac FireMonkey RSP-27066
Unable to press button after iOS virtual keyboard is entered #2 FireMonkey RSB-3473
ClientArea painting problem when MainMenu wraps or unwraps. FireMonkey RSP-26601
Unable to press button after returning from suspend. FireMonkey RSB-3431
TDateEdit.ClosePicker method fails on Android FireMonkey RSP-26301
Accelerators also trigger on Ctrl, not just Alt FireMonkey RSP-26074
Dismissing TDialogService.MessageDialog causes access violation FireMonkey RSP-26009
Changing TGrid.RowCount from code makes the size adjustment strange FireMonkey RSP-25677
EvaluateJavaSript procedure causes browser flickering on Android app FireMonkey RSP-25660
TMemo – some weird issues – flickering and incorrect srollbar FireMonkey RSP-24744
TGeocoder is not returning Locality field with city name FireMonkey RSP-24431
Accessibility Package does not compile FireMonkey RSP-24082
TWebBrowser only loads PDF first time on Mac OSX FireMonkey RSP-23976
TEdit readonly property if ControlType=Platform has no effect FireMonkey RSP-23870
FMX.ListView.OnChange fires even if item doesn’t change FireMonkey RSP-23188
TMemo crashes when system time changed FireMonkey RSP-23148
Memoryleak in TControl3D FireMonkey RSP-21549
TViewport3D align errors with TTabControl on Android and iOS FireMonkey RSP-21471
TFlowLayout problems FireMonkey RSP-21442
TMemo performance problem with big data FireMonkey RSP-21376
TListView onChange called twice FireMonkey RSP-20828
Live Bindings does not work on TSpinBox and TNumberBox controls FireMonkey RSP-20661
TMemo bug FireMonkey RSP-20576
TTreeview.Clear don’t clear Selected node FireMonkey RSP-20299
[FMX] In TMemo the cursor does not correspond to the alignment of the text. FireMonkey RSP-19843
Tmemo Problem – CharCase ecUppercase or ecLowerCase FireMonkey RSP-19203
Tmemo not realign it’s content when vkback is puched FireMonkey RSP-19119
Android App Crash Tedit segmentation error 11 FireMonkey RSP-18757
TCustomForm.RecalcControlsUpdateRect; bad source code FireMonkey RSP-18200
FMX-TMemo Undo-Bug FireMonkey RSP-17870
TPrintDialog.Copies: property value doesn’t set in the print dialog FireMonkey RSP-16274
[FMX]TWebBrowser.LoadFromStrings win and Phone need different charset FireMonkey RSP-15686
Regression in TModel3D – Load MeshCollection FireMonkey, FireMonkey3D Components RSB-2295
TModel3D generiates error when loading DAE file that works with10.2.2 FireMonkey, FireMonkey3D Components RSB-2225
Design time issue when working with TGridPanelLayout FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSB-1911
missing test on FMX.WebBrowser destroy (extra call of destructor) FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-14724
FMX Memo Scrolling Bug FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents RSP-12137
iOS camera needs permission FireMonkey, FireMonkeyComponents, FireMonkeyRuntime RSP-29813
iOS Push notifications doesn’t working FireMonkey, FireMonkeyRuntime RSP-29793
TCameraComponent ignores set resolution on Re-Activate FireMonkey, FireMonkeyRuntime RSP-27734
FMX TFrame owned components property TabOrder values being lost. (VCL side is ok) FireMonkey, IDE RSP-29552
SDK API-Level Location folder empty after install Sydney FireMonkey, IDE RSP-29547
Default TabOrder= -1 for FMX [REGRESSION] FireMonkey, IDE RSB-3944
[macOS 64] Failure to draw a pattern on a canvas when GlobalUseMetal = true FireMonkey, RTL, RTLDelphi RSB-3552
TCustomContextOpenGL.BuildShader crash if acode contain non-preprocessor tokens FireMonkey, RTL, RTLDelphi RSP-16829
OnCellDblClick FireMonkeyComponentsGrid RSP-29247
Can’t add icon for App Store in project options IDE, IDEBuild System, IDEDeployment RSP-23042
Android support completely broken (on Devices running Android 6/7) RTL, RTLDelphi, RTLDelphiOther RSB-4345
AV when opening a notification on iOS RTL, RTLDelphi, RTLDelphiOther RSP-30335
HttpValidateServerCertificate give different data under iOS/Android/Windows RTLDelphiNet RSP-27220
TNetHttpClient should use proxies on macOS RTLDelphiNet RSP-26426
TNetHTTPClient proxy settings works under Windows but not under MacOS RTLDelphiNet RSP-19621

Head over and check out the full list of fixes and updates available in FireMonkey 10.4.1.

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